Earplugs and the Incarnation

The incarnation. God become man. Sometimes I forget how mind-blowing that is. Other times it hits me out of nowhere, like some point last night…

So, I wake up at some point in the night, and can’t get back to sleep because I’ve lost an earplug. Disaster! (Do hold on, this story does have a point.) My bedroom isn’t noisy, but the distant sound of cars distracts my sensitive little brain, and I can feel how exhausted I am. I desperately want to sleep. So I have a look round for the earplug with my phone as a torch. No joy. So there is nothing else for it but to try to sleep without the earplug. ‘If I bury my ear in my pillow, that will work won’t it?’ Only it doesn’t, and now not-falling-asleep-panic begins to rise. So I pray one of those middle of the night kind of prayers; ‘Lord! Please! I need my earplug! I need to sleep!! Please!’ And then I find the earplug right away. Huzzah. The angels sing many hallelujahs.

I instinctively think of that verse – ‘The Lord gives sleep to those he loves’ (Psalm 27:2) and shoot up a very grateful ‘thank you’, but then it hit me: the God I’m speaking to, he actually gets it. Jesus – the Son of God who has always existed, who made the vastness of the universe, and sustains our world in all its incredible complexity every second of every day – he has experienced waking up in the night, and he’s known bone-tired exhaustion. He gets it! He has known the limitations and frailties of humanity from the inside, and I can pray those ridiculous kinds of prayers, not only because he loves me, but because he actually gets it. In fact he loves me all the more in those moments, because he’s been there. The incarnation blows my mind.

And that’s even the smallest part of it. He came on a rescue mission! He came to die. Easter is the reason for the season. But that’s another post.


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