Truth. The Bible is full of it! And because of God’s common grace, the Bible tells us to expect to find truth outside its pages too! (Isaiah 28:23-29) Although, it might get a bit distorted along the way. (Romans 1:18; 25)

Truth is exciting! Here’s some stuff about truth…

I wanted a picture of Augustine, but unsurprisingly doesn’t have a picture of him! So this is Plato – a Greek philosopher. Augustine reflected on Greek philosophy, so I thought I’d use him instead.

Truth is not dry and irrelevant. Truth is about discovering an indescribably captivating, infinite God, whose very intention is to captivate our hearts. Truth is about understanding the nature of all things! – in all their beauty and current brokenness.

Truth is not bland and insipid. Truth has poetry and beauty. Truth can be raw and vast and overwhelming. Truth is the stuff to captivate our souls. It is the stuff to write stories about! Or to have excitable conversations about in coffee shops – totally what happened to me today.

Truth is not lifeless. Truth is a lion that grabs hold of you and consumes you – in a good way! Truth shakes you out of mediocrity and gives you a mountain to climb; an endless world to explore! Truth gives big meaning to the small things, and expands our vision. It leads to the ultimate things. It lifts our eyes from our little kingdoms, and it fills us with awe and expectation.

Truth is not one dimensional or shallow. Truth is rich and deep and wide! Its implications ripple out endlessly, intersecting and interconnecting in a myriad of ways; each truth shedding light on the next, revealing one another in beautiful complexity. Truth should take our breath away.

Truth is not static. Truth is both old and new. A fixed and absolute truth – often too big for us to even begin to grasp! – takes on a life of its own, as it is contemplated by cultures and settings which are utterly foreign to one another. We see truths all the more clearly as we glimpse them through the eyes of a fourth century African philosopher, or a 21st Century drug addict.

Truth is not simply about the right answer, as if that’s a place to stop! Truth is a lifetime (or rather generations) of discovery! It blossoms with nuance, and takes on light and shade, as we interact with it. It reveals hidden dimensions with every question posed of it. It never runs out of things to say.

Truth doesn’t leave us where we are, it leads to transformation. Truth leads us to action and to worship! Truth changes us in unexpected ways.

Truth is not impersonal. It draws us in, and takes hold of our very being. It transforms relationships. It leads us to God…

To summarise, truth is flipping awesome!!

So here’s a challenge.

Does that sound like your (or my) experience of truth? Or are we looking for simple answers to big questions, ones that can be learnt by rote and taken for granted? Are we looking for formulaic truth, or true truth – the kind that comes alive?


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