Advent Day #6

He is on the Way, Day #6

Jesus is good news because…

He is God in the flesh!

It was a momentous moment – God’s temple was finally built – and Solomon stood before the altar and all the assembled people of Israel to dedicate it. God himself had commissioned him to build it, and it had been beautifully crafted to God’s own specifications, but as Solomon stood there, he knew that no temple built with human hands – however large or beautiful – could contain the creator of the universe. So instead he asked God to listen from heaven and respond from there to those who prayed towards the temple. “Listen in heaven your dwelling place, and when you hear, forgive.” (1 Kings 8:30).

But Jesus shatters this sense of distance. I love this quote from Dug Down Deep by Joshua Harris:

“God the Son, existing for all eternity, now became dependent, floating in the amniotic fluid of a female womb. The One by whose power the whole world is sustained, now nourished by an umbilical cord. The God-man would have a bellybutton. And then he had to be born. He had to come out. Think about that… Born in what sense? Carried-down-from-the-sky-by-angels, pink-and-chubby-and-wrapped-in-white-blankets born? No. Born in the painful, screaming, sweaty, pushed-out-between-the-legs-of-a-woman sense. Born in all the bloody-slimy mess of real human birth.”

His body became the temple by which God truly dwelt on earth.

1 Kings 8v22, 27.jpg


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