Advent Day #3

He is on the Way, Day #3

Jesus is good news because…

He is our substitute!

Today’s verse isn’t quite as simple as some of the others, but it’s still good news:

Sometimes Biblical stories are lived-out prophecies that foreshadow the big story – the ultimate story. Before-echoes of the big reality lived out in miniature, giving God’s people’s a glimpse of his ways and plans.

Today’s verse is from a story in Isaac’s life when God provided a sacrifice for himself, a substitute for Isaac’s life; and his dad (Abraham) figuratively got him back from the dead. It’s a tantalising picture of what Jesus means for us! – In Jesus, God provided a substitute for our lives, a perfect sacrifice. Death is no longer the end.

So today when you realise that you don’t measure up, and you’re tempted to try harder to attempt to atone for who you are, stop. God has provided the sacrifice. Trust him for it. Rest in Jesus. God is pleased with you.

Genesis 22:8


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