A varied Bible diet

‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.” (Matthew 4:4).

The Bible is God’s Word – and God’s Word is spiritual food – so why is it that so often we struggle to eat it? Well, there’s all kinds of answers to that, but maybe part of the solution is a varied Bible diet.

When it comes to physical food, I don’t just eat pasta, I eat it in lasagne; with pesto and chicken; with my Mum’s awesome tomato and bacon sauce; with my invented spicy sausage sauce… and I’m always keen to find new recipes! A new one I tried a couple of weeks ago had walnuts and broccoli in it. It wasn’t perfect, so I’ll tweak it next time. It was yummy, and it will be even yummier next time.

Perhaps we should be doing the same with the Bible. So, for example, rather than simply reading long stretches of Bible narrative each time, perhaps we could sometimes draw what we read…

Drawing the Bible - 1 Samuel

… on other occasions perhaps we should pace about our bedrooms reading it in a dramatic fashion, or whisper it under our breath and visualise all the details… and so on, and so on. Let’s add variety so that God’s Word tastes fresh and tasty every time!

Any suggestions of tasty ways to read the Bible?


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