Live Below the Line Day #4

Man today has been hard! Not so much because of hunger this time (although I’m pretty hungry right now), but because I can’t seem to get chocolate off the brain. That and yoghurts, bizarrely! In fact, even when I’ve been genuinely hungry, I’ve had very little appetite for any of the food that I am allowed to eat. – I really did have to force myself eat my lunch this afternoon.

Food has definitely become fuel rather than pleasure, and eating has become like filling the car up with petrol; something you have to do otherwise the engine will stop running, but a faff you could do without.

I’ve also noticed that I keep accidentally almost stealing yummy bits of food – like slices of mushroom, or tomatoes, or peppers, and grated cheese – when other people are making their dinner or there is food out on the side. I think my brain must have gone into scavenger mode.

I’m definitely realising just how spoiled we are in 21st Century Britain. As I followed my housemate around the little supermarket near our house earlier today, I was overwhelmed by all the different types of vegetables and cheese piled up right there. And by UK standards it’s a tiny shop. We really do live in a land of feasting and plenty. I am going to be so much more thankful for all the different foods I am able to buy, when this is all over.

… anyway, I don’t have any exciting food pictures this time round, I’m afraid. I ate exactly what I ate yesterday, minus the third of a carrot which I’m saving for lunch tomorrow.


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