Live Below the Line Day #3

Thank you so much to everyone who has given today! I’ve been really touched by all your generosity and encouragement. Thank you so much.

Today I made sure I ate a big bowl of bran flakes for breakfast, and watered down the milk to make it go further. I was determined not to be so hungry today! I then had the same lunch and snacks as yesterday, but I had the dry bran flakes before I tried to walk home this time. I ate the three remaining tortilla chips whilst I cooked a root vegetable and lentil stew with dumplings – a stew that was only made possible by the marked down root vegetables I managed to buy in lieu of a tin of beans, carrots and onion. I thought I was making curry, but the small amount of curry powder definitely meant that it was a stew!

Day #3

Today has definitely been much less hungry (in fact I’m still full of stodgy dumplings), but my stomach is definitely feeling the affects of the change in diet! As someone who loves her brown carbs, potatoes, green vegetables, salads and fish I’d really rather not eat my weird white bread or more lentils and dumplings tomorrow…

Yesterday I said that I’d post somebody’s story. I first watched Elizabeth’s story on the Tearfund YouTube channel back when I was thinking about doing the Live Below the Line challenge, and her story’s really stuck with me.

If you’d like to donate, the links are below – (Tearfund) (Send a Cow)


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