Lorraine Pascale’s Brown Pittas

As you know I love the joy of learning how to make a new food. This week I made pitta bread for the first time, which was very exciting. They were so delicious! And so so easy.

Pitta Bread

In a rare turn of events I actually followed a recipe to the letter, and made four pittas from half of Lorraine Pascale’s recipe in “Home Cooking Made Easy.” If all her recipes turn out to be as good as this one, I’m not surprised that her book gets four and a half stars on Amazon. Thank you Coventry libraries!

The recipe is genuinely are so easy. The dough only has to rise once, there’s no need for bread flour, and they only need less then ten minutes in the oven! Unlike Paul Hollywood’s recipe there is no oil in the mixture, but there is a squidge of honey. Got to love the squidge of honey!

Only one of mine properly puffed up (which may be because it was the only one that ended up properly pitta-shaped), but since I was planning on dipping pieces in hummus it didn’t really matter.

The one in the picture ended up over-crisped, but the others were more traditionally pitta-coloured. The crispy bits were actually really nice though. (The tomatoes are from the back garden!)

I kept a spare one in a sandwich bag in the fridge and toasted it a few days later under the grill, with a sprinkling of water on each side to revive it. Tasted just as good! Someone on the internet also suggested that if you refrigerate the dough after it has risen, over the next week you can pinch some off whenever you feel like making some pitta. I might give that a go another time.

I think these are going to become a regular feature of my lunchtimes! Yay for healthy and easy.


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