Spicy Courgette & Sausage Pasta

This began as this sausage pasta recipe on BBC Good Food. I’m a big fan of courgette in tomato based dishes!

Serves 4


♥ Onion (x1) ♥ Garlic (x2 cloves) ♥ Red / Yellow / Green Pepper (or a mixture) (x1) ♥ Courgette (x2) ♥ Hot chilli powder (1 level tsp) ♥ Chopped tomatoes (400g) ♥ Cumberland sausages (x6) ♥ Salt & Pepper ♥ Dried pasta (400g) ♥

The recipe:

Grill or griddle the sausages. Meanwhile chop and gently fry the onion, pepper, garlic and courgette with the chilli powder. Once the sausages are cooked, cut into pieces and add to the frying pan. Add the chopped tomatoes and season. Simmer for ten minutes whilst the pasta is cooking.

So simple! Really tasty.


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