A taste of Oxford

I don’t know about you, but I’m often really disappointed by cheese scones. Not these! Our family discovered this recipe back in 2000. It was published in the Oxford alumni magazine my Mum is subscribed to. Apparently they were served in a tearoom in Oxford at the time. The recipe isn’t online, so I thought I’d share it. Adapted a little from fourteen years of experience. I think it’s the mustard in the original recipe that makes the difference!

I made some on bank holiday Monday, and ate them in the back garden. I love warm spring afternoons.

Cheese Scones


♥ Self-raising flour (8 oz) ♥ Salt (pinch) ♥ Softened butter / margarine (2 oz) ♥ Egg (x1) ♥ English mustard (1 tsp) ♥ Mature cheddar cheese (7oz) ♥  Milk (75 ml) ♥

The recipe:

Rub the butter into the flour and salt to make fine breadcrumbs. Mix in most of the cheese, leaving some for the top of the scones.

Beat the egg with mustard. Make well in centre of flour and pour in egg mixture and enough milk to achieve a soft dough. Knead lightly tucking in any loose bits.

Roll out to 1 inch thickness. Cut out with fluted cutter and place on greased baking sheet. Brush tops with milk and sprinkle with cheese. Bake at 200 ºC, 180 ºC fan, gas mark 6, for 15-20 minutes. Makes 8-12 scones.

* A little note. Be really careful not to overwork the dough too much. I recommend mixing with a wooden spoon, until the last possible moment. 

Cheese scones


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