Veggie Chili Recipe

Serves 3


♥ Onion (x1) ♥ Garlic (x2 cloves) ♥ Red pepper (x½) ♥ Chopped tomatoes (400g tin) ♥ Mixed beans in mild chili sauce (420g tin) ♥ Sweetcorn (100g drained or frozen) ♥ Mixed herbs (1 tsp) ♥ Stock cube / powder (1 tsp or 1 cube) ♥ Hot chili powder (1 tsp) ♥

To serve – ♥ Natural yoghurt (3 tbsp) ♥ Grated cheese (to top) ♥ Salad leaves (to serve) ♥ Tortilla chips (to serve) ♥

The recipe:

Before cooking chop the onion, garlic and red pepper. Heat some oil and fry the onion on a medium heat. If necessary, add some water instead of additional oil. After a couple of minutes add the garlic, and after a further couple of minutes add the red onion. Fry for a further 3 minutes.

Add the tomatoes, beans (including the sauce) and sweet corn, and stir together. Sprinkle in the herbs, stock cube or powder, and half the chili powder. Stir and simmer. Simmer for 15 – 20 minutes. Add the rest of the chili powder part way through, if it needs a bit more kick.

Serve in a bowl placed on a dinner plate, swirl the yoghurt on top and sprinkle with cheese. Put the salad and tortilla chips on the dinner plate.


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