Managing my image

Have you ever had that sinking feeling? The “Why did I just post that on Facebook!?” feeling. Followed swiftly by the inner conversation about whether or not you should delete it. And often in my case the decision to do just that. I’ve always felt quite proud that I self regulate my Facebook posts. But is it really always such a good thing?

This afternoon I posted a status about the scarf that I just bought with my Christmas Topshop voucher. I was feeling excited by the beautiful new purchase, and really thankful for my Grandparents having given me the token. So I posted. But almost immediately the feeling hit. And my finger hovered above the “delete” button.

However, this time it came in the context of some more careful thinking about pride, vulnerability, shame, identity and the gospel. I realised that the main reason I wanted to delete this particular post was that I was afraid that people would disapprove; that they would shake their head at my seeming vacuousness. I was afraid because it might damage a carefully crafted image, and threaten the acceptance that I subconsciously hope to achieve by it.

However, being fully loved by my heavenly Father means that I can be real and authentic. My value and my acceptance are never in doubt. And I can joyfully, thankfully post about a new scarf without worrying whether it will be interpreted positively or negatively. The gospel makes self revelation possible.


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